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5 Best Sales Tips from Recruitment Leaders

5 Best Sales Tips from Recruitment Leaders

Talent acquisition is a lot like sales. In a sales process, you find prospects, sell a customer brand and win business. While, in recruitment you find yourself qualifying candidates, selling the employer brand and hiring top talent.


In a sense, Talent acquisition and sales are like cousins. They just target different audiences.


Given the focus on topline in most organizations, their sales processes tend to be more evolved. The maturity curve of sales organizations tends to be higher than that of the entire organization. There is a lot to learn from sales; Like the way they attract leads, nurture prospects and convert them into customers. Infact sales has itself evolved from a lot of cold calling to intelligently targeting, profiling and wooing customers based on their interests.


Fortunately, you don’t even have to waste time in finding, experimenting and then settling down on the best practices. There are recruitment leaders who have figured out the best way to sell the jobs, nurture talent and convert them into an employee.


We reached out to some of the best. They have shared some of their best sales tips in the slides below. See what they have to suggest, I’ll stand by.



Interesting, right? It is time to introduce the right sales methods to the recruitment process and win top talent. What tip resonated with you? Have one to share of your own? Let us know below.

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