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5 myths about HR Technology that are just NOT True

5 myths about HR Technology that are just NOT True

HR is the only segment of a company where conversations are still going on whether one should use technology. There, we said it. It is surprising. At times, baffling. Let’s define a few terms.


What is technology? Collection of techniques, methods or processes used in accomplishment of objectives.

What defines HR/Recruiting technology? Get great talent on-board (objective) with less resources - time, cost, efforts (accomplishment)1.


Technology is an enabler. It simplifies processes for you. Often times we keep hearing similar concerns around this topic. Here are some myths we have heard that we debunk today.


Myth 1: HR Technology can replace HR


Human Resources is all about people. Tech can never replace HR but only leverage them.


For example, it is difficult to spread jobs at one click on different web locations. Tech solves that. Today, one click can help you spread the word on social media, mail multiple people for you. This doesn’t replace you as a HR or recruiter. Tech simplifies your work. All this while saving time, efforts and helping you analyze your workflow. HR Tech exists because HR exists.


Myth 2: HR Software is limited to a certain organisation size


Absolutely disagree.


Tech is for one and all. A single person or an organisation with a large workforce looking to hire people can use it. With innovative hiring methods like social recruiting, employee referrals, things are quite easy. Talent is out there. Tech is your hawk eye. It can help you form a large talent pool where you can handpick the best especially when you are small.


Myth 3: “We will need a technology understanding to use HR software.”


HR software should be absolutely user-friendly. No rocket science. You don’t need a tech mindset to use Facebook. Why then would you need to be tech savvy for using a HR product?


Good software is made around the way you work. Opting for new age cloud-based products makes things all the more easier. You can take advantage of all the functionalities with negligible efforts at your end, let alone your IT team. They are usually only required for one-time integration and evaluation support upfront that consumes minimum time.


Myth 4: Company data privacy is at risk


This one is not a myth. We give you that. However, it has to be mitigated and here is how you can do that. First, analyse the data being protected. Is it financial compensation data? Is it performance evaluations? Is it hiring information? You need different safeguards depending on the data. Evaluate your provider smartly. A good cloud software stores data on a server, accessible to you alone. It is stored in a data center that is ISO certified and SOC2 Type II certified so you can rest assured.


Myth 5: Tech causes loss of human touch


This isn’t true at all. In fact, tech helps you connect.


I don’t know how you would be in touch with your friend in the US while you are here if there was no Facebook/Whatsapp; or searching for candidates and screening profiles if there was no LinkedIn. Also, how would you follow another company if there was no Twitter? Things are incomplete today without tech. Tech only connects you with your candidates and employees but only you can communicate to them. In fact, you could use technology to reinforce consistent messaging and showcase a good brand personality.


HR and technology are interdependent. Technology is hygiene. What’s stopping you?


(1) We understand your objective and help you accomplish it. Let's talk?

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