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I am passionate and analytical by nature. I love blogging about Gamification, Social media, Recruiting and startup life. After 7 years of being a corporate citizen, I quit to launch my own company. I am passionate about people and aim to bring a positive change to this world.

When I'm not working, you can find me cheering Manchester United or doing photography.

I love scribbling. At RippleHire, I write about all things recruitment. I also talk to folks who are awesome recruiters and help them add the technological touch to solve their problems. A personal lover of understanding and spreading the word on how culture plays an important role in hiring.

Apart from work, I can be found on Twitter, Snapchat or Medium. If not there, I'm probably on a weekend vacation, reading a book on science or psychology, enjoying my wine or listening to Floyd. A wannabe gadget connoisseur and a budding Feynman fan.