Harshita Kumbhar

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I love scribbling. At RippleHire, I write about all things recruitment. I also talk to folks who are awesome recruiters and help them add the technological touch to solve their problems. A personal lover of understanding and spreading the word on how culture plays an important role in hiring.

Apart from work, I can be found on Twitter, Snapchat or Medium. If not there, I'm probably on a weekend vacation, reading a book on science or psychology, enjoying my wine or listening to Floyd. A wannabe gadget connoisseur and a budding Feynman fan.

[Expert Talk] One Question to ask in an Interview

[Expert Talk] One Question to ask in an Interview

We reached out to five thought leaders. They deal with people day in and day out as part of their roles. They are achievers in their fields. And, they were happy to contribute their knowledge to the recruiting community (A big thank you from our end.)

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